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Signs from Above !??
AERIAL TOUR - SEPT. 28, 2002
Celebration of Life - Pamphlet
2003 / 2004
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Derek at home July 2002

Less than 1 month before Stephanie & Eric get married. April got married June were mentioned :<) you were there. It was so kewl when I got to the hall and found a white feather outside the door. I gave it to April - she knew what it meant...
I am so glad for Steph & Eric.. yet, it is still bitter/sweet knowing you aren't here to be apart of this. You were to walk her down the aisle.. I know you will be there in spirit as well as in our hearts (which you ALWAYS ARE !) NOT A DAY goes by that I don't think of you - so many memories/so many triggers of YOU and your life. You sure did do a lot in 19 years.. almost 20. You always were active and full of beans. A social butterfly.  I miss you being here so very much. Help me find the strength I need to keep moving on. I wish you & Colin were here physically !!! KNOW how much you are missed and LOVED !! FOREVER & ALWAYS Mom

Dec 8, 2006
Well, here we are - almost Christmas... and we have had our 1st snow fall too. In fact ~DEREK~ we figure it was your birthday present to yourself - for us to enjoy. I loved it !!!!
We went out for dinner for your 24th Birthday.... I wonder what you would be doing now if you hadn't left . The things you would have accomplished by now.  Life still is hard without you here - I keep thinking it will get better - it doesn't!! I just learn to cope and put on my mask. As does Steph, I am sure, too.  ~DEREK~ we miss you so very much !!!!!! Your infectious laugh, your smile, your jokes, your compassion towards others. So many things !!! I long to see you again my Son and hold you in my arms - never to let go. Life just isn't right without you here sharing it with us.  I will try hard to get through, yet another Christmas without you.  Your stocking will be hung again - with the last present I had already bought you before this nightmare started. It will be there every year.
Know how much you are MISSED & LOVED !!!!!!
Always & Forever - Mom

AUGUST 25, 2006
Always in our 'HEARTS'
Mom and Stephanie

MAY 14, 2006 - Mother's Day again without YOU!!
OH MY!!! I can't believe it has been soooo long...
~DEREK~, you are missed just as much 'Today as Everyday', since you left us.  I sooo miss YOU !!!
Stephanie is doing her best to make life bearable without you here physically. As is Dawn and others.
I went out to your bench tonight to watch the most beautiful Sunset - like we use to do!!!
Life just isn't the same without you here.. Life, never will be the same, son.
Know how much you are LOVED & MISSED !!!!
I see your smiling face and those twinkling eyes of yours within.
IF ONLY - I could have another chance to SEE ~YOU~ !!! To hear ~YOU~ !! To touch ~YOU~!!
I know you are near.
I feel you in the wind that blows, in the heat of the sun, the mist in the mornings.......
I send my love as always and a (((HUG))) your way.

OCT 18, 2005
Thinking of you always...
Someone sent me this song and it says so much...
"Who You'd Be Today" by Kenny Chesney (Bill Luther/Aimee Mayo)

1st Verse

Sunny days seem to hurt the most
I wear the pain like a heavy coat
I feel you everywhere I go
I see your smile, I see your face
I hear you laughin' in the rain
Still can't believe you're gone


It ain't fair you died too young
Like a story that had just begun
But death tore the pages all away
God knows how I miss you
All the hell that I been through
Just knowin' no one could take your place
Sometimes I wonder
Who you'd be today

2nd Verse

Would you see the world, would you chase your dreams
Settle down with a family
I wonder what would you name your babies
Somedays the sky's so blue
I feel like I can talk to you
And I know it might sound crazy

(Repeat Chorus)

Lame Bridge

Today, today, today
Today, today, today

3rd Verse

Sunny days seem to hurt the most
I wear the pain like a heavy coat
The only thing that give me hope
Is I know
I'll see you again some day
Someday, someday

MOM xoxoxoxoxo

July 8, 2005
It is so hard to believe it was 3 years ago today that I LAST SAW YOU !!! Your Bear Hug you gave me as you lifted me up off the floor.
I had to go to work so Richard took you to the Greyhound Bus Depot for your adventure to Saskatoon. IF, I had only known..... I would never have let you go!!!
I so long to hold you in my arms, to touch you, see you and smell you.
I MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH as does Stephanie !!!
I wish we could go back in time and rewrite these past 3 years, only with you still here. Life just isn't FAIR in fact it SUCKS BIG TIME without you here. The so very deepset pain we feel inside. The things that remind us of YOU and believe me there are many !!!! No day goes by that we don't think of YOU ~DEREK~. We long to see you... until we meet again my son - I LOVE YOU ALWAYS & FOREVER !!!
You live in my HEART !!!
Mom xoxo

April 20, 2005
WOW !! Been awhile... since I have updated..
Just thought we would mention.. IF?? anyone is interested??
Derek's Scholarship (click here) Fund is getting down there. Any contributions would be appreciated.  Stephanie & I contribute for Derek's Birthday and Christmas, as our way of keeping this going for deserving students. Another  way for us to  remember Derek too, and all the good he did in his achievements in the field of Marketing.  He deserves to be here to carry on this dream of his.... in the meantime we will try to do this for him.  WE LOVE & MISS YOU - DEREK !!! Forever in our hearts... Mom & Steph xoxo

JAN. 2, 2005
Here we are another year without YOU !!!
So far the sorrow of the Earthquake in Asia has brought us into this year. I am so thankful though that your Uncle Keith & Tassana are OK!!!  I couldn't take anymore losses in this family.
The fact you aren't here with us, is more than I can handle, as it is.
I loved the little bit of snow that fell yesterday morning and then to find the white feather..... You know what I mean - right DEREK!!! Thank you and I love you so very much. Stephanie & I miss you more & more each and every passing day. We await the day when we can all be together once more.
Know we love you ~ Always & Forever ~
Mom  xoxoxo

NOV 29, 2004
click here  to view our
Remembering Derek on his Birthday


NOV. 22, 2004 - DEREK'S Upcoming Birthday..

Hey Everyone

So it looks like we will be going to Kelsey's Resturant in Richmond (Ironwood mall) for Derek's Birthday on Monday NOVEMBER 29 we were thinking of going there for about 7pm for Dinner... I have heard from some as to  Yes or NO to coming, so if anyone else could get back to me ASAP that would be great I hope to be calling the restaurant on tues Nov23 to make reservations.  Can do add on's after this date.. so no prob..

Also If anyone wants to meet me and my mom at Wellington Park around 6-6:15pm  I am going to do a balloon release into the sky and leave a balloon tied around Derek's bench.... anyone who comes to release balloons please write a note on the balloons we send up. Also in the morning I am going to go there and put a book and pen at the bench for all who visit to write Derek a birthday message... at the end of the message please mention if its ok to post your notice on his website... any questions please ask... ok talk to you all later Steph Naslund... :>)

IF??? Anyone wants to add to Derek's Memorial Scholarship click on here

OCT. 19, 2004
26 months ago since I last heard your sweet voice Derek.
Oh how we miss YOU - Steph & I, along with others.
Life just isn't the same without you.. it never will be!!!
I pray no parent has to live this nightmare of loosing a child.
Derek it is Steph's B-day on Friday as if you didn't know.. she sent you a note---CLICK HERE
I know you will be there with us Son.
This is going to be a hard weekend for me..Sunday Oct 24  will be 1 year since Colin left us to join you. TWO shocks in such a very short time. DEREK you leaving is by far the worst thing that has ever happened. A child is not suppose to die before their parent. It is so not right!!!! I still find it so very hard to believe you will not walk through the door or call on the phone to say "Hi Mom". All those milestones you should be here to pass through and we should be sharing with you. Such an emptiness within!!!!! A part of us is missing big time.
Derek we know you will be there for Steph's B-day, bring Colin with you too.
Know how very much you are loved and always will be and how much you are missed. Oh to just see your smiling face and to hear your laughter and voice... to feel those bear hugs  around us.
We LOVE YOU !!!! Forever & Always !!! Mom xoxo

AUGUST 23, 2004
2 more days until 2 years since Derek's passing...
It still hurts like it did that day I 1st heard the news.. that started this awful nightmare that both Stephanie & I live in, as well as others close to Derek.
I went to a retreat for those that have lost loved ones.. It was in Chilliwack at the Garden of Tears/Garden of Hope.
I have been keeping busy this summer - running is more like it.. just not wanting to face what is REAL!!!
On this past Aug 19 (the date I last talked to Derek on the phone 2 years ago) I was putting up plaques on the memorial wall in the Gardens and a butterfly landed on my finger.. too KEWL!! I have never heard of this nor seen this happen before.
Then on Aug 22 I was taking a picture of Derek's plaque, along with Tyler MacKenzie's & Reece Marshall's - when - another small butterfly landed on my finger as I was taking the picture... I managed to get pictures of it
It stayed on my finger for some time as I managed to get photos.
When I put my finger up to Derek's plaque it hopped off and landed on Stephanie's name..
It was so awesome.
I know Derek was popping by to say "HI MOM!!"
I can only believe this - what other explanation is there???
Derek - know how 'very much' you are 'missed and loved'.
This is such a difficult time.. not that every day isn't..
The memories of 2 years ago seem like yesterday!!!!
How we wish this were truly just an awful nightmare that we could wake up from.
So many things deep within that swirl around... the visions in our heads, the questions-'WHY?' being the biggest and 'What?'
This should never have happened !!!
It is always someone else we hear about... not us.. BUT - it is - and we now too, know the deep heart wrenching pain, that so many other parents & siblings of this community feel.
It is so hard going out into the community at times.. people just don't know what to say.. nor do we...
We are not strong... we are survivors.. we have to be... what is our other choice?????
Oh, to hear your name and stories about you brings joy to us, as well as the many tears we shed..
Derek we miss you so much!!!!
We will NEVER forget you NOR will we ever 'GET OVER IT' as some people say.
This is not something we can get over.
You walked this earth with us and we shared 19 wonderful years together - through good times & hard times.
You will always live within our hearts.
Memories of YOU will live forever!!!
You will ALWAYS be apart of this Family
You, Stephanie & Me
Always us THREE!!!

August 2, 2004
Sorry I haven't updated much lately.. WHY?? cause I have been finding it ALL so very hard at home!!! Now too, what with the 2nd Anniv of Derek's passing fast approaching...I so MISS YOU DEREK!!! Not a day goes by for us that we don't think of you a hundred times!!
I have been kept busy working on the GARDEN OF TEARS in CHILLIWACK - getting it ready for the RETREAT AUG 13-22 click here to read more

APRIL 16/04
Hey All!!
My MOM has a Mother's Day WISH - can you help her?? click here to see MOTHER'S DAY WISH !

February 8, 2004
WOW - what a month.. Have had computer troubles, so no updates..
Just wanted to tell you HOW MUCH WE 'MISS YOU'!!!
Stephanie and Eric are off to Cancun for a week... So quiet & lonely around here...
Went to your bench today Derek and found a nice note from one of your Dear Friends!! It was so nice to find this. view here  
I have the original note and will put it into Derek's Memory Book that I have of various things since Aug, 25, 2002.. e-mails, notes, poems, etc.. sent from FRIENDS !!!  -
Thanks to those who have left things..
If anyone wants to add a note or message for DEREK  feel free to post it in his Message Forum on HOME PAGE - I copy them out into his Book I Keep here to share with those who want to see..
Derek, I can only imagine what you are up too... You & Colin both!!
Know how much you both are Missed & Loved each and every day!!
Life just isn't what it should be - not the way I had hoped that's for sure.....
One just never knows when someone we LOVE so very much will be taken from us - remember to tell your loved ones - How much you do love them while they are here!! I am so very thankful that my last words spoken to Derek were 'I LOVE YOU SON!' If I could only say this to your face just 'one' more time DEREK! 
As Always and Forever - Your MOM xoxo

January 4, 2004
Hard to believe another year is upon us... Steph & I survived the holiday... Let's say we are glad it is over for another year.. Our lives just aren't the same without you here DEREK!!! We put up your stocking at Christmas with the present I had bought you the week before your passing. We plan on putting this up every year for you. You are always here in our eyes!!! The memories we hold deep within and love to share with others and to hear of others memories too.
Know how much you are LOVED 'DEREK' !!!  I have put pics of things found under your bench on this page  - Signs from Above !?? 
When I get the photos of the view of the Mountains (that you so loved) from your bench I will add them too..
We LOVE & MISS YOU so very MUCH !!
Mom & Steph xoxo

Dec. 16, 2003
Dear Derek
I haven't been able to get into my website builder until now - the server was having troubles??
It is 3 years ago today that we moved from the house into this place - hard to believe?? SO MUCH has happened since then....WAY TOO MUCH DEREK!!!!
I went to your bench last Sat. I really wanted to go on Friday but I forgot I left my car at Dawn's (I seem to be doing lots of forgetting things these days??)
I was so sorry to hear that now Josh Turner is with you - when I heard the news, it was like being back in Aug 2002,  the day I had my life turn upside down. I just can't believe ALL of this - such a nightmare!! Way too many young people leaving - too soon!!! It is so very hard on us Parents - as I'm sure you know Derek from watching me.... My heart feels for Josh's family, as it does for everyone else around us that have lost their son's lately. I still can't believe I am apart of this group of Grieving Parents - it doesn't feel real at times.  You & Colin..... Oh How I Miss You BOTH!!!
Stephanie & I are going to Creston for Christmas - (we are taking your stocking to hang there) it will always be hung at Christmas DEREK for YOU!! You may not be here with us physically but you will always be remembered!!!  I had an interesting e-mail in my support group awhile ago - it was about us Parents wanting our children to live on forever and by doing this we keep them alive. It was used in a way I liked... They talked about pictures being left hanging, etc... Then mentioned - people put up pictures of famous people who have died -i.e. Elvis, Princess Di, .....etc..and talk about them as if they are still here and no one thinks much about it - it is to honor these people and their lives to remember them in a positive way..  Well, as a Grieving Parent I too do this in honoring and remembering  'you and your life'. You did Live and walk with us and for some you will Always be here - in our hearts forever and in our memories. Never to be forgotten. To me You were Famous - my little hero!!!
Know DEREK how much you are loved and missed and will ALWAYS remain close to us.  Love Ya More than words can say... Mom xoxo

October 25, 2003
Dear Derek,
14 months now since you have been gone and now you are joined by my boyfriend Colin - He was my Special Guardian Angel - I feel like I have been on an episode of Touched by an Angel. Colin came into my life when I least expected it. Only to find he was my strength through out my ordeal of dealing with the loss of YOU. I Loved Colin very much - he brought life into my life, laughter and love. things I thought I would never have again. Only now Derek he is with YOU - you 2 finally have met - You will like Colin, I have no doubt about this! I can't explain why I feel God has been so cruel to me - but he has a plan I guess - one I will never understand. Why, God gives and God takes. He gave me You Derek for 19 wonderful years and then Colin for only 16 months - yet it seemed we were together a lifetime, and the plans we had for ourselves - now only to be memories of what was to have been.  I have had enough!!! of these nightmares
Derek I LOVE and MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH and now Colin too. I can only hope that you 2 have found each other up there - oneday I too will be with you - I Long for this day to come. I will try to carry on with the help of my friends - I just feel so weak, when I should be strong - but my strength has gone - I feel as though I have lost - I have lost 2 loves of my life that will remain in my broken heart forever!!!
I miss YOU BOTH !
A poem was left at your bench - stuck into the blue ribbon Steph left on her b-day.....

OCTOBER 5, 2003
Today I went to Wellington Park to find that Derek's bench is now in...
I hope everyone can enjoy this spot to sit and remember 'DEREK' - his smiling face :>), his contagious laughter, his humor, his LOVE and the many memories we all have of our own.... WE ALL MISS 'DEREK' VERY MUCH - may we find some peace sitting here remembering the GOOD TIMES SHARED TOGETHER with HIM !!

SEPT 11, 2003
Just over a year now - seems like only yesterday in so many ways.....
The pain that lives so deep within - I ask WHY?? so often WHY?? and WHAT??? I don't know the answers and may never.... Just know this DEREK- how much we LOVE YOU and MISS YOU !!! There is such an emptiness - a missing part of me with you gone. The shock still comes and goes of the reality in knowing that you are gone. It is so hard somedays to realize all this and to fathom what is what....  You were too young to be taken from this world - you had so much more living to do. I can only pray that you have found peace and are watching over us all. I send my Love, hugs and kisses to you daily - only to look forward to the day we will be together again my son.
You will always be my one and only Son !!!
Steph & I miss you deeply. xoxo Your MOM ALWAYS & FOREVER

AUGUST 19, 2003
A whole year has passed since I talked to DEREK on the phone for the very last time.(Aug 19) Our conversation was about his car - it had broken down on Vancouver Island and was being stored at a friends moms. A worker nextdoor to her wanted to buy it, so I had to go over to do the paper work for Derek. Only to find he had the papers with him in Saskatoon.... I called him to send the papers directly to where the car was at. I told him I would take over his car loan, so the car could be sold and he could then pay me. We talked a couple of times that evening - he was so excited about his job and the B-day card he had bought me. He was proud of himself! I was proud of him in the fact he was working hard and really trying to get himself established in the work force. The chance for him to see other parts of the country was exciting too. We joked on the phone as we always did. He knew I wasn't too happy about having to do all the running around for him for his car - but as I told him -"It is a good thing your MOTHER  LOVES YOU" He laughed his laugh that he does whenever I would say this to him. (OH how I long to hear that laugh again!) We ended our conversation with "I LOVE YOU's" - for this I am thankful. It is so important to say 'I LOVE YOU' to your loved ones. You just never know if it will be the last time......
I hate the fact Derek is not with us physically - It hurts so much, so deep within. I have the memories to live with for now and the friends who I hope will continue to share these memories. A mother can never express the deep set pain of such a loss. A child shouldn't die before their parents. It is so hard to understand the WHYs? of all this and the WHAT? really did happen that night of Aug 25. The answers won't bring Derek back, but they are constantly is like a constant battle within oneself of the thoughts that go around and around....a true nightmare at times. I long for the day when we will be with him again - but for now (((HUGS))) to YOU DEREK !! You are still my son and I am still your Mom FOREVER!!

July 6, 2003
A year ago this weekend is the last time I saw you Derek. You had your arm in a cast #4 - (I guess you know Steph broke her arm the other week - she pulled a DEREK - as Laura said to her -  YEP she did!!).
You were home from Victoria on your way to Saskatoon. Oh, If I only knew what was to come I wouldn't have let you go!!! God has his own plans for us - we can not control these or change these.    How I wish we could!!
We miss you so much Derek !!! Life just isn't the same without you in it - I long to see you and be with you.
I remember last year at this time when you headed off - You gave me one of your BIG BEARHUGS - lifting me right up off the floor. I can see your smiling face and hear your voice in my head. I just want to be able to hug you one more time for real... I can't believe it is coming up a year since you left us - it seems like yesterday when this nightmare started. I wake up each morning  and go to sleep each night thinking of you - wondering how this could happen and what?? did happen and WHY??? If only I knew - I don't know that it would really make much difference - it won't bring you back. Just so many unanswered questions.
Derek, know how much you are loved and missed by so many. You truly did leave your footprint in the heart of many.
These next couple of months are going to be tougher ones - Steph & I both feel such emptiness deep within - life just isn't what it used to be. I often wonder where and what you would be doing if you were still here.
We both await the day we can be with you again. You live within our hearts and memories -

The bench for Wellington Point Park should be in in about 6 weeks. To View photos of where it is going and what the view from the bench is like at sunset click on the following link -WELLINGTON PARK - MEMORIAL BENCH

MAY 15, 2003           MOTHER'S DAY

APRIL 27, 2003
8 months ago today I received the call from Derek's boss that he was reported missing... Hard to believe it still.. At the time I didn't know what to make of the phone call - I didn't believe he was missing - I felt he was with some friends possibly - then as the day changed to the next - I had so many thoughts - in an accident over a ravin, waiting for help?? Kidnapped?? and on and on - NOT ever thinking the worse.
The psychic who did the reading earlier this month said from what she could tell is- Derek ran into some fellow (about 20 years old, darker skin, thin, big nose, a bit of a skin condition, wearing possibly a mustard colored, hooded, zipper jacket) That Derek had seen this fellow before around town - but didn't really know him. May have seen him earlier in the evening and then encountered him on route home. They talked and then the conversation turned a bit over a pack of cigarettes. The fellow pushed Derek into a tree (not meaning to push so hard..) knocking Derek out (which could explain the throat closure) like knocking the wind out of oneself. There was also mention of some tree roots at this tree, which caused Derek to trip and stumble - thus falling into the river. All of this is just from the reading - as to the REAL TRUTH??? Who knows??? She also said Derek is happy where he is - that he loves us all !!!
We ALL LOVE you too Derek!! - Wishing this NEVER had to happen !!! Life just isn't fair!!! Why??
If there is any truth to this story from the psychic, I just pray that if this person does exist - He will clear his conscience and one day come forward with the truth !!! OR if ANYONE knows anything, they too will come forward! -- But this is all in God's hands !!!
Derek know how much you are MISSED & LOVED !!!
YOU are in my thoughts daily and your love lives so deep within my heart..
Always and Forever,
Mom xoxo

MARCH 31, 2003
Derek I can't believe it now is 7 months..... I want to get a bench in memory of YOU. I am hoping to get some feedback from your friends on this I am considering Wellington Park (click here to find out more) or the New Millenium Trail. I know you and I last saw our sunset together at Wellington Park which is my first choice. But I too want your friends to help decide.
We ALL MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH!! I hope when we get this bench we can all enjoy going to sit and remember the GOOD TIMES we had with YOU !!

Psychic Reading ??? April 2, 2003

MISS YOU !!! Got final Coroner Report

FEBRUARY 25, 2003
6 Months Ago today - I can't believe it!!
It seems like yesterday.....
I went for a walk today at lunch with Dawn to the Nature Park.
It was a nice sunny cold day here
I even put on YOUR Music to listen to.
Stephanie wants to know where Your headphones are?
Derek we LOVE YOU !!!
You are in our HEARTS!!
I wish I could give you one more HUG & KISS SON!!
Know how much YOU are LOVED !!!

January 5, 2003

CLICK on butterfly

Click on the 'ROSE' to
View our Trip to SASKATOON
Nov. 28 - Dec. 1, 2002


OCTOBER 22, 2002
Today we wish STEPHANIE a HAPPY 22nd Birthday.
She is in Disneyland to celebrate, she returns home on the 23rd.  She had this trip pre-planned some time ago. I hope she enjoys her trip and fills herself up with more beautiful memories.
Stephanie & Myself have our trip to Saskatoon for Derek's Birthday booked. We leave on Nov. 28 until Dec 1. The people I have talked to in Saskatoon have been very good. They have offered to drive us around where we want to go. The Detective in charge of the investigation has also offered to drive us to where Derek was found. We will do this on his Birthday as we want to put some flowers in the river at this place. We know this is going to be a very emotionally difficult trip - but we have to do this. We have been wanting to go to Saskatoon for some time now. It is hard not to just jump on a plane and go.  I think we both feel that this will help us in coming to some sort of terms that Derek is no longer with us, at least in the Physical sense.
I, myself am still finding this all very hard to grasp - I have my many moments of grief - to be expected.
Stephanie has started back to work - I start back next week.- 4 days a week - Wednesday's off, until the New Year.  I have gone in for a couple of days last week and now this week. I find it hard to concentrate but at the same time I find it hard to be at home sometimes on my own. I know I need to balance life out as best as I can. This is all going to take lots of time !!!
As of today - we still have not heard anymore news on the events surrounding Derek's mysterious death.
The support and care and concern we are receiving is welcomed- please feel free to call or come by anytime. The presence of friends and familiar faces helps.


SEPTEMBER 25, 2002
It has now been 1 month since Derek's death. As to this date we still do not have any word on what happened. We are waiting for the toxicoligy report - this can take 3-4 months. We have been told his cause of death was - Dry Drowning
- definition: Dry Drowning

Muscle spasms in the area around the voice box block the airway, often due to immersion in cold water. This is known as apnoea. No water enters the lungs. Around 10% of drownings are dry drownings.

Other than knowing this information - we can only assume he met some unexpected danger or it was a very unfortunate accident.

The last time I talked to Derek - Monday August 19, 2002. He was very happy - excited about his job. He had just co-coordinated a road trip to Regina and was in the throws of co-ordinating his own team for a road trip. He basically had his foot on the next step of the ladder upwards in the Co. His boss also told me how happy Derek was with everything. He was in his prime and could only see good things ahead for himself. We ended our call with 'I Love You's' which for this, I am very thankful. Stephanie got to be with Derek in Calgary when he was heading to Saskatoon - she was there for the Stampede. Derek called me at 4:30 a.m. to get the phone # of where Steph was staying. I told him it was 5:30 a.m. there and to wait until 6 a.m. He called Steph and they met for breakfast. She was his last contact from home other than the phone calls we had between us.

Derek will be remembered for his smiling face and humor. He was a very loving individual and truly appreciated some of the simple things in life. SUNSETS were big on his list. He wrote poetry - some of which I am fortunate to have.  Remember Derek for the good times and not this sad event. He would want us all to move forward - have our tears, wipe them away and think of his smiling face. Live each day as a new beginning for tomorrow may never come - as we all know. 

We will keep this site going and give any new information as we receive it.

To-date Global TV Saskatoon is broadcasting on Crime Stoppers for any information.

Stephanie & Myself are planning on going to Saskatoon for Derek's b-day Nov. 29 - to place some flowers in the river, to meet his staff and meet  the people he befriended in his short stay there.

THANK YOU ALL for your care, concern and prayers.

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Go to News Paper Articles


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